Pepperstone Australia Review

If you are looking around for a good reliable forex broker to do your automated forex trading with then you have to add Pepperstone to your list of forex brokers to check out.

How long have I been using Pepperstone?

I have been a long term customer with Pepperstone, having started trading with them back in October 2011.

Pepperstone excel in providing their customers with fast execution and tight spreads and they offer two types of accounts: Standard & Razor.

Standard accounts provide the user with good spreads, but not as tight as Razor accounts, where Pepperstone provide you the underlying market spread of the security and charge a commission based on every lot traded.

I find the Razor account the ideal way all forex brokers should provide a service. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I feel somewhat conflicted if my broker is giving me a spread where they can’t lose – how much money do they can make from me? (And yes, I understand forex brokers need to make money, but offer to charge commissions – it’s easy and there’s no conflict of interest.)

Other aspects that Pepperstone offers its clients, besides the ability to trade currency pairs is:

  • Trade index CFDs
  • Trade Commodities (cotton, coffee, orange juice!)
  • Trade energy crosses
  • Trading through the use of software such as MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5.
  • Using other platforms such as cTrader.
  • And earning Qantas Points for every standard lot traded!

However, even with all these great features perhaps the most common question I get asked is:

“Does Pepperstone Offer Rebates?”

And yes they do! However, to apply for rebates you’ll need to be trading quite a bit and they offer more detail here on their rebate commission web page for active and institutional traders.

So if you’re asking yourself the question, “Which is the best site for me to open my first forex account?”

I would recommend you start with Pepperstone, especially if you are an Australian resident.

Check out Pepperstone Group Limited.

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