Nicholas Darvas Book Review

I have just finished reading Nicholas Darvas’ book How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market, and I have to say there was a wealth of knowledge in that book that I wish I knew when I initially started out.

Although the book doesn’t touch on forex trading per se there are some important aspects to it that is pertinent to ANY trader no matter what they trade.

In fact, the compelling part of the book was Nicolas’ evolution as a profitable trader. For those that have read the book you will know that he became a better trader by being pragmatic about the situation.

He would often look at his results and SEE if what he was doing was making money, if it didn’t he would set about CHANGING his approach.

In many ways I saw similar principles that I have been teaching from this website.

Initially Nicolas observed the stock market through an employer that wanted to pay him his wage through stock instead of cash. From there he was hooked, and set about learning how to make money from the stock market. From the knowledge he acquired he put it to the test by interacting with his newfound knowledge. Luckily for Nicolas he analysed his results often and then sought about learning from a different angle (he went from receiving tips from friends/family, to receiving professional advice, to learning fundamentals, to learning technicals).

Eventually he got to the stage where he knew enough about the stock market his conscience created his own Holy Grail – a system that was compatible with his personality and his goals. After a time he created his own unique system and began tweaking it through time.

This created his success.

Now, even though this story has absolutely nothing to do with the forex market, it still can offer great insight into helping you to become a successful trader, and I highly recommend it.

Although I purchased the book you can read Nicolas’ book for free online from this web site:

Nicholas Darvas

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