How To Start Trading Automatically With MetaTrader 4


Things have changed since the last time I downloaded MetaTrader many years ago.

After attempting to program for myself a connection between Wealth-Lab and CMS’s API (which proved unsuccessful) a friend continued to berate on me to try MetaTrader 4.

Initially I wasn’t enthused.

I had tried the platform many years ago, and it was too MetaStock-like (and I wasn’t a big fan of MetaStock – mainly due to the limitations of its coding).

But earlier this week I caved in to peer pressure and downloaded it.


A lot has changed since whatever version of MetaTrader I used before.

Some things I liked about it was its C-like Expert Advisor programming capabilities (where users can program a system and have it automatically trade), it’s large array of historical data (daily data since 1978 for some currencies!!) and its ease of use.

While there are only a small handful of brokers that support automatic trading of forex systems using MetaTrader 4 a couple of the ones I would likely open an account with would be:

With my primary choice being Interbank FX (which also seems to have changed since my last visitation).

Anyway, if you’ve been avoiding MetaTrader, as I have, and are looking for a platform that truly has it all – you really are missing out with this software.

I highly encourage you to check it out now.

Try MetaTrader today!

I’ll be learning how to code up some systems in their Expert Advisor and will relay my successes/failures over the coming weeks – stay tuned.

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