About Ryan

Ryan Sheehy has been trading the forex market since early 2003. What initially attracted him to this amazing market was its liquidity and ability to trade any time during the working week.

While Ryan found trading foreign exchange currencies a challenge to make consistent profits he continued to persist knowing it had great potential.

It wasn’t until the birth of his first child in 2011 that he became a dad on a mission to find a means to generate passive income from the forex market.

And one of those means was the ability to create forex systems that would buy and sell on his behalf without him needing to be in front of the screen to place those trades.

If it could work it was a win win relationship.

Through rigorous testing (and burning a few accounts along the way) Ryan was able to find a way to eke out a small consistent amount of passive income that he hopes one day would eventually replace his full-time earnings allowing him to spend more time with his beloved family.

When Ryan is not at work, or writing notes and tips in this blog, you will find him and his family geocaching or helping out at his local church.

Join Ryan as he documents his progress within this web blog.